Sealing your Membership

Submitted by admin on Sat, 07/10/2021 - 09:29

Attention all active Ordeal Members! If you have been in the Order for 6 months and have continued service to your unit since becoming an Ordeal member, you are eligible to reinstate your membership by going through the Brotherhood Ceremony at Fall Fellowship! Before Fellowship, make sure that you write a letter to the Lodge Chief and look out for more information to come closer to the date

Lodge Officer Update

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During the month of June, our final 2 lodge positions were filled by Teddy Moneymaker, who will be serving the Lodge as Vice Chief of Program, and Luke Williams who will be joining the team as the new Lodge Treasurer.

SR-6 Conclave is August 13-15

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SR-6 Conclave is August 13-15 and will be held at Camp Davy Crockett in Whitesburg, TN. During this weekend, hundreds of fellow Arrowmen from across the area will come together for an amazing weekend of fellowship and competition. This is a great opportunity to connect not only with members in our Lodge but from all over the surrounding Councils

Summer Callouts

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This year, a new element has been added to Camp Buck Toms’ Summer Camp Closing Campfire. Over the last 3 weeks, 7 new Ordeal Candidates have been called out, including Scouts here in our Council and several units across the country. These Scouts have successfully fulfilled the requirements for candidacy, and we wish them the best of luck in completing the Ordeal soon.

2018 Lodge Officers Elected

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 Lodge Officers elections where held Sunday morning of Fall Fellowship.
Taking office October 1st for the 2017-18 year will be:
Lodge Chief Nathan H.
Vice Chief for Administration Anthony P.,
Vice Chief for Program Jesse M.
Lodge Secretary Eli S.
Lodge Treasurer Gene F.

New Brotherhood Members - Welcome!

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Eighteen members sealed their membership by achieving Brotherhood during the Fall Fellowship.  Congratulations to our new Brotherhood members!

Ben W.
Bryan S.
Cordell R.
Davis H.
Devin E.
Evan H.
Grady A.
Hunter N.
Johnathon M.
Joseph H.
Matthew S.
Michael H.
Ronald K.
Tom L.
Trevor E.
Ty R.
West S.
William T.

And from Spring Fellowship the following members acheived Brotherhood.