Vigil Honor

AJ Fisher - The Fox
Elmer Hawkins - Good Chief
Arthur Wood - Gray Squirrel

Orton Duggan - Expert
Kyle Middleton - Little Brother

Bill Truan - Great Eagle

James Montgomery - Helper

Buddy Allison - Little Big Man
David Vise - Dancer

John Chambers - Runner
Donald England - Little Deer
Michael Pelton - Gray Squirrel

H Evans - One Who Instructs
Bill Snyder - Willing One

Quinten Alexander - Great Chief
David Barker - Shooting Arrow
Robert Croley - Badges
Jimmy Elrod - Blood Brother
Albert Carroll - Good Leader
Craig Huffaker - Great Brother

Charles Hudson -
Dick Coltman - White Deer
Van Elkins - Great Mountain Cedar
Eric Larson - Big Bear
Trent Mcneeley - Sacred Tortise
Frank Miller - White Buffalo
George St. Jones - Elder Brother
Ancil Baird - Busy One

John Brandt - Rock That Talks
Joseph Hardison - He Who Smiles
Edward Nichols - Water Turtle
Johnnie Boling - Golden Antler
Edward Jennings - Red Fox
Mike Mcginnis - The Raven

Edward Smith - Keen Eyed
George Fry - Great White Heron

William Rooney - Doctor
David Vanaman - Black Fox

Gary Antrican - Steady One
Patrick O’Shea - Fast Talker
Dan Tipton - One Who Is Alone
Jim Wright - Lamp Carrier
Don Bell - Deep Water

Benny Alford - Honerable One
William Bihl - One Who Has Humility
Clifford Harmon - Happy
Bill Heller - Mediator
Jim Kckinney - Strong One
John Nelson - Good Natured One
Glenn Pierce - One Who Strengthens
James Ratledge - Talker
Smith Worley - Hard Worker

Shawn Bensey - Friendly One
Louis Burks - One Who Creates With Hands
Robert Butler - Diligent One
Clifford Christensen - Names
Dudley Drake - Lamp Carrier
Malcolm Holmes - Aged One
Philip Jones - One Who Has Knowledge
Robert Ladd - One Who Holds Councils
Bob Leonard - Cutter Of Wood
Mike Rogers - He Who Gives First Aid
David Rose - Cook
Virgil Rose - One of Calm Mind
James Zeigler - Red

Sam Alexander - Friendly One
Alan Cate - Honest
Ted Dailey - Swimmer
Chuck Hutsell - Leader
Morgan Maskewitz - Ambassador
Mike Prowell - One Who Is TRUE
Dennis Trentham - Tall One
Robert Turner - Beaver
Eric Weeren - Warrior
Walter York - Wise One

William Cate - Whitler
Stephen Cobert - Professor
John Gowan - One Who Gives Aid
Carlos Hollifield - Careful One
Steve Russell - Horse
Robert Sharp - Studious One
Dwight Starnes Sweets -

Donald Allen - Dog
Steve Coppinger - One Who Is Constant
James Dalton - One Who Does Good Work
William Doka - Red Headed One
Carl Goddard - Clear Water
William Greenlee - One Who Walks Alone
Gary Ivens - Long One
Larry Ivens - Long One
Fred Mcghee - Patient One
Everett Watson - Works

Tom Ballard - Spiritual One
Melvin Bryan - Active One
Pete Denton - Dedicated
Wayne Fawler - Obedient
John Goan - Scout
Jim Hill - Witty
David Lloyd - Teacher
Pete Lloyd - Axman
David Sweeney - Thin One

Martin Peavyhouse - Collector
Allen Fugate - Determined One
John Orrison - Engineer
James Peck - Witch Doctor
Gary Rogers - Car Load
Randy Rudder - Valuable One
Ronald Russell - Good Worker
Douglas Story - Walker
Terry Vittetoe - Reliable

Wayne Arrington - Call Upon Me
John Bynon - Noisy Sleeping
Bill Clary - Jaws
Mike Goins - Dancer
Tommy Nelson - Quail
Hank Peck - Little Brother
Paul Richardson - Treasurer
JT White - Artist
Brian Ripley - Blameless One

Jeff Arrington - Friendly
James Flatt - Trader
Jeff Goluher - Best
Dean Rouse - Dancer
Mike Sharp - Little One
Richard Thornton - Quiet One
Terry Wagner - Easy One

Rex Gass - Green Buffalo
Blayne Golliher - Mountain Man
J Hatmaker - Doctor
Gary Hensley - Lucky One
Tom Quinton - Enquiring One
Richard Reynolds - Thin One
Jeff Rogers - Big Boy
Bill Rouse - Bald Headed One
Brad Smallen - One Who Does Good Work
David Thorton - Big One
John Troutman - One Who Is Able

Darrel Cuthbertsen - Wildbog
Jeff Flatt - Silent One
William Freels - Hard Working Dancer
Hugh Hensley - Wildcat
Steve Keesee - Chipmunk
Michael Marsh - Willing One
Brian Patterson - Big Foot
Robert Smith - Clown
Dave Wallace - Camp Overseer
Lee White - Diligent One

David Clary - Fast Runner
Curtis Gibson - Rabbit
Wade Hembree - Follower
Frank Hodges - Flying Squirrel
Elmer King - Truthful One
Gilbert Perry - Quiet One
Peyton Smith - Black Bear
John Webb - Trader
Eric White - One Who Sings
Jeff Whittle - Owl

David Cole - Searcher
Dan Fujimura - Agreeable One
Scot Gibson - Farmer
Steve Gilliam - Big Beaver
Will Griffith - One Who Gets Attention
Steve Hensley - Clear One
James Nehls - Mighty Cook
Steve Nelson - Fisherman
Steve Smith - Traveler
Johnny Sutton - Mountain Man
Charlie Taylor - One Who Carries A Load
Alex White - Mighty One
Bobby Winter - Singer Of The Lord

Frank Callaway - He Who Endures Pain
Steve Cunningham - Hard Worker
Linney Dew - Mighty One
Robert Hale - Reliable One
Billy Helton - Fireman
Daniel Johnson - Overseer
Joel Jones - Book Reader
Frank Keese - Forceful One
Lynn Kerr - Silent Farmer
Charlie Madison - Mountain Teacher
Russell Slabaugh - Torch Carrier
C Stansberry - Esteemed One Who Creates With Hands
Ronnie Turpin - He Who Comes Back

Andy Armetta - Red Headed One
Skooter Cox - Beaver
Joel Flatt - Younger Brother Who Trades
Mark Hembree - Hunter
Andrew Hickey - Wood Cutter
Scott Houston - Artist
Doug Randoph - Dancer
Peter Symonds - White Person From Other Side Of The Sea
Robert Watson - Happy Trader

Charles Bailey -
Mike Haag -
Jerry Johnson -
Tim Laher -
Jeff Moser - One Who Is Able

Joe Cobb - He Who Flys
Paul Coffey - Wide One
Neal Freund - Woodpecker
Robert Keener - Worthy One
John Mayer - Fast Talking Rabbit
Walter Mayer - Wood Cutter
Ray Myers - Peaceful One
Chris Polley - Farmer
Billy Warner - He Who Gives First Aid
Bobby Williams Jr. - Joker

Brian Bailey - Fighter Who Sings
Brian Christopher - Hiker
Bobby Gibson - He Who Does Good For Others
Dan Johnson - Overseer
Larry Overton - He Who Keeps A Promise
Brian Simpson - Hungry One
Michael Symonds - Pale Little One

Keith Gaines - Mouth That Runs
Troy Jensen - Water Dog
Jeff Lewis - Timber Beast
David Parker - Deceiver
Donnie Parker - Straight One
Clarence Phillips - Old Boy
Mark Rogers - Mountain Boy
Richard Scrugham - Mild One
Tom Talley - Thunder Gust

Michael Condry - Perplexed One
Harley Ferguson - Dreamer
Jon Grubb - Hard Worker
Doug Henry - Obedient One
David Landers - Quiet One
Robert Landers - Modest One
Billy McGill - Bullfrog
Stacey McGill - Father's Boy
Gary Rogers - Cook
Don Talley - Elder Brother

Les Baron - Lover of Hunting
Matthew Cabe - Reliable One
Chris Carter - One Who Exerts Himself
Harley Ferguson III - He Who Looks Beyond
David Hooper - Hunter and Cook
Nathan Hopkins - Fast Talker
Jim Kish - Iron Eyes
John Pascal - Modest One
George Smith Jr. - He Who Goes Away

Eric Billingsley - Little Boy Dancer
James Hatmaker - Buzzard
John Hooper - Little Sucker Fish
Matthew Hopkins - Dangerous One
John Luttrell - Midnight Paddler
Steven Newby - Snake Collector
Bruce Van Cleave - Climber
Tom Wells - Bearded Grasshopper

Alan Blankenship - Quiet Worker
Jack Davis, Sr. - Bushy Hair
Steven Gibson - Hat Man
Daniel Henry - Puppy
Kevin Hill - Little Boy Blue
Mark Houge - One Who Is Big And Wide
Don Lee - Bearded Paddler

Jack Abbott - Vain Chief
David Bost - He Who Gives First Aid
Phillip Breedlove - Different One
Reed Dixon - Loud Talker
Kent Landers - Little Brother
Jared Quillen - Confident One
Joshua Smith - Teller of Tall Tales

Robert Braden - Fire Chief
Robert Burleson - Hard Working Medicine Man
Henry Houge - Big Man On The Mountain
Loren Huddleston - Long Haired Dancer
Rickie King - Travelling Warrior
George Lecrone - Eagle One Who Does Good Work
Robert Phillips - Sensitive One Who Cares
Chad Riggs - Reliable Mountain Cat
Bradley Singletary - Deep Thinker
Robert Smith - Canoe Dancer
Clay Stalcup - Humble Dancer
William Widener - Guard And Chief
Wayne Williams - Guide Of Campers

J Blankenship - Grey Oak
Jason Bryant - Good Rope Worker
Harry Carroll - Keeper Of The Arrow Of Light
John Dixon - Still Waters Run Deep
Brian Gossett - Wild Goose
Eddie Hargis - He Who Knows How
Mark Large - Chin Beard
Brian Mckendry - He Who Serves
Gabe Peer - Clown
James Smith - Indian Camper
Daniel Smithwick - Spirit Warrior
Fred Stalcup - Calm Minded One
Brian Steger - He Who Speaks Well

Lee Alford - Creative Guide
Anthony Cruze - Cheerful Warrior
Steven Dubose - Hard Working Cook
Nathan Forbes - Smiling Question
Brian Francis - Many Faces
Michael Hargis - Tall Quiet One
Bryan Landry - Big Bear
Andrew Lombardo - He Who Makes Things
Brad Mcmillan - Honorable Dancer
William Ridenour - Patch Master
James Thompson - Medicine Pipe
Rick Walker - Beetle Guide
Jack Watson - Quiet Thinker

Nicholas Akers - He Who Listens To The Wind
Bridget Carroll - The East Wind
Chris Ford - Man with Big Heart
Bill France - Voice of Thunder
Richard Hughes - Cosmic Meteu
Steven Lee - He Who Stands Firm
Tim Self - Dedicated Elangomat
Gene Wheatley - He Who Walks In The Sky

Brandon Bowlin - Heroic Dancer
Brian Debord - Steadfast
Lance Dunaway - Spirit Builder
Greg Edwards - Teacher Of Chiefs
Brandon Everhart - Kind Friendly Good Natured
Eric Lee - Tall Thoughtful One
Russ Limburg - Noisy Bear
Dixie Lombardo - Mother Brother
Phillip McMillan - Bead Trader
Don Miller - Wise Voyager
Josh Stevens - Friendly Climber

Chris Smith - Foundation
Keith Wickersham - One Who Dresses Well
Shane Buchans - Big Cat
George Butler - Always TRUE Service
Eddie Debord - Digging Builder
Jeremy Dubose - Deer Hunter
Samuel Lawhorn - Loud Sailor
Jason Robinson - Beloved Allowat
James Sharp - Gifted Dancer
Pat Simmons - Spirit Friend
Randy Stevens - Water Camper
John Thurman - Two Half Hitches
James White - Meets The Challenge
Andrew Zimowski - Serves Loyally

Dan Jarvis - Highly Esteemed Listener
Bill Thurman - Happy Hiker
Ben Wicker - Smiling Bur-Headed One
Kenny Davidson - He Who Builds Remembrance
Timmy O'Malley - Smiling Statesman
Jesse Richmond - Bearded One
Chad Thompson - Dancing Rabbit
Jane White - Healthy Cooker

Randy Atkins - Helper
Christopher Boyd - He Who Humors Himself
Steven Caldwell - Resourceful Elangomat
Mark Gates - Brotherhood Teacher
Andrew Lee - Stubborn One Who Delivers
Michael Miller - Scruffy Sleeper
Pawel Nazarewicz - Friendly One From Pole Land
Shaun O'Malley - Fast Talking Meteu
DouglasButton Reverend - Bigfoot
Roger Richmond - Cheerful Cook
Jeremy Rouhat - Strong, Spirituous Servant
Jay Schrade - Hardworking Cattleman
Robert Spreng - Star Hiker

Jon Coyne - Loyal Guide
Brent Dooley - Wise One Who Knows His Path
Fred Brannon, Jr. - Helpful Adviser
Timothy Deane - One Who Creates With His Mind
William Finn II - Gray Haired Accountable One
Benjamin Hardy - Quiet Useful One
Jonathan Layman - Peaceful Warrior
Sandra Lee - Kind Forceful One
David McMillan - Father Of Indian Dancers
Greg McMillan - Big Dancer
Eric Reagan - Reverent One
Warren Williams - Cheerful Friend
John Zimowski - Industrious Workhorse

Blake Bain - Dancing Leader
Phillip Flanagan - Carpenter Who Does Good Work
Jacob Herron - Trail Runner
Greg Leitch - He Who Leads Us To The Future
Joseph Mcdonald - Cheerful Worker
Jason Mcteer - Faithful Nutike
Thomas Moak - Creator Of Fire And Spirit
Ronald Pearman - Busy Communicator
Brian Reagan - Leader Who Strengthens
John Shanks - Witty Servant
Chris Sparks - Sparkling Competitor
Jan Watson - Camping Mother
Josh Wells - Loud Friendly Giant

Ajen Shireman - Ceremony Talker
Charles Fisher - Cheerful Bear
Drew Fisher - Cheerful Dancer
Kevin Pipkin - Ceremonialist Who Drums
William Shanks - Witty Trailbuilder
JonathanWalls Sturdy - Dark Wall
Wes Trundle - Buffalo Son
Paul Waite - Bald Medicine Man

James Donaldson -
Don Dunning - Generous One Who Does Good Work
Patrick Finn -
Allan Hancock -
Leyona Laymon -
Sean McCullough -
Jake Poulsen -
Don Trundle -
Adrian Van Cleave -
Nancy Watson -
Nathan Wyrick -

Don Hooie - Cheerful Tooth Doctor
Don Trundle -
Benjamin Winder - The Hammer of the Almighty

John Hammett - Foundation
Kenny Jacobs - Grinning Showman
Donnie Jett - Tireless Eagle Builder
Matt Jett - Strong Fire Builder
Murphy Monceaux - Faithful Cajun Servant
William Tribble Jr. - Runs Like Deer
Trey Ussery - Big Kid Who Talks Loud
Cody Watson - Quiet Servant

Taylor Clark - Happy Determined One
Nick Hooie - Horn Blowing Cook
Juanita Larsen - She Who Gives A Path To Follow
Mike Mccullough - Faithful Unselfish Friend
Travis McFalls - Loud Preacher Who Is Tall
James Templin - Noisy Loyal Friend
Ian Turnbull - Quiet Swimmer
Dennis Underdown - Quiet One Who Cooks Meat
Chris Ussery - Big Hairy One Who Eats Abundantly

Jacob Haskew - Dancing Guide
Andrew Kyle - Friendly Swimmer
Jay Mcfalls - Tall One Who Serves
Benjamin Pomy - Happy Leader
Aaron Setser - Loyal Secretary
Corey Theiss - Quiet Chief
Charlie Thompson - One Who Has Knowledge Of Pellissippi

Pete Carter - Joyful Teacher
Joey Courtney - Cheerful Friend
Aaron Cowan-Banker - He Who Shakes Hands Cheerfully
Joseph Dirmeyer - Wise Watchman
Spencer Grieco - Happy Dancer Who Makes Big Fire
Chris Lowry - Drumbeater Star
Wendell Thomas - Mountain Hiker
Kent Turnbull - One Who Constantly Does Good Work

Leif Arnseth - Wise Man Who Speaks Truly
Greg Cox - Ranger
Alex Fagg - Laughing Warrior
Will Kronick - Worthy Servant
JR Lackey - Speaks Clearly With Strength
Dave Parmly - The Blessed Scout
Joseph Stombaugh - Big Helpful One

Scott Carter - Diligent One From Good Family
Patrick Gibson - Wiseman Who Likes To Build
Steven Gibson - Guard Who Is Always Happy
Charles Owen - Keeper Of Many Times
Alexander Simmons - Warrior Who Speaks Kindly
Barry Simmons - Quiet Wise Man
James Ussery - Strong Servant

Joseph Bates - He Who Is An Artist
Clarence Maslowski - Peaceful Woodsman
Jacob McCrary - Reliable Brother
Josh Melton - He Who Steps Up
Dylan Moser - Crazy Horse
Matt Neal - Thoughtful Scribe
Alex Pritchard - Voice Of The Drum

Steven Dirmeyer - Young Leader Who Serves Willingly
Robert Farmer - Path and River Follower
Robert Farmer - Chief Firemaker
Chase Hafley - One Who Is A Champion Dancer
Mark Kaye - Enlightened One Who Encourages
Warren Maslowski - Trail Maker
Douglas Melton - Silent Leader
Chris Rogers - Mountain Adviser
Evan Searfoss - To Skin An Animal
John Simmons - Guide Who Builds
Jennifer Ussery - Purple Buffalo

John Bates - One Who Sings To The East Wind
Bryce Ewing - Brother Beside One
Noah Kaye - Quiet One Who Dreams
Kevin Shelton - Good Hearted Big Man
Chris Sigler - Trusted Leader
Anthony Spencer - Cheerful Big Talker

Ian Joseph Cabage - Active Leader Who Cares
Joshua Cook - Young Brother Who Serves
Caleb Knisley - Guardian Twin
John Cothron Theiss - He Who Serves
Andrew Bihl - Friend Who Encourages
Matthew Charles Lloyd - Leader with Honor

John Holland - Proud Bear
Darren Maslowski -
Aaron Parker -
Terry Williams -
Timothy Knisley Jr. - Chief Twin

Tyler Bloomfield - Warrior Chief of the Circle
Caleb Reed Douglas - Friendly Leader
Nathan R. Holland - Wise Chief and friend of the Bear
John Huffman - Brother of the Camp
James Hyman - kick small ball

Gene L Farmer - Chief of the Trail Game
Victor S Franklin - He Who Serves
Tristan Headrick - The Helpful Leader
Robert Floyd Robbins - Helpful Brother
Jeffery Dwayne Smith II - Bald Eagle With Red Beard
Mark Sonnenmeier Jr. - Excited About Buffalo
Harry W. Stowers Jr. - Eagle Who Sells Cats

Justin Campbell - Quite Brother Who Cooks
William Thomas Campbell - Quite Scout Leader
Merry Jill Grooms - Trusted Helper
Gary Mullins - Blood Runs Crimson
William Pruitt - Faithful Dancer
Dakota M Robbins - Knotted Shoe
Josh Sonnenmeier - Brother of Cherokee Spirit
Jacob Bennett Thomas - Storyteller
Philip Underwood - Quite Friend To All
Rachel Lynne Witt - Kind and Gentle Friend to All

William John Campbell - Happy Scout
Nolan T Coffey - Young Chief that Leads
Devin A Edds -
Trevor A Edds -
Thomas Paul Galentine -
Victor Jesse Mullins - Great Chief and Skilled Speaker
Ron Nagel Jr. -
Jacob Snodgrass -
Nate Cunningham -
John Eric Jeffreys -

Melissa Ann Campbell - Helpful Reliable Leader
James Gaddis -
Evan M Heatherly - Trusted Teacher
Charlie McLaughlin - Cheerful Fire Guard
Theodore X Moneymaker - Quiet Runner Who Serves
Grant Moseley - Cheerful Service
James Senter - Helpful Adviser
James Lamon Templin - Walks with Eagles
Christopher Thacker - Wise Owl
Zachary Andrew Witt - Honest One