Beyond the Lodge

Lodges are organized into sections, which are part of regions and the National Order of the Arrow.


An Order of the Arrow section consists of lodges within a geographic area of the region. The Pellissippi Lodge belongs to Section 6 of the Southern Region or SR-6. The section is led by a Section Chief, Section Vice chief, and Section Secretary, who play a crucial part in making the annual Conclave a success.  SR-6 conducts events and training seminars, promotes national programs, and provide resources to local lodges.  The Section Chief presides over the Council of Chiefs, attended by delegates of each member lodge.

SR-6 includes most of Tennessee and Kentucky, parts of Northern Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas, Southwestern Virginia, Southern Illinois, and Southern Indiana. The nine-member lodges of SR-6 are:

  • Ahoalan Nachpikin Lodge #558
  • Chicksa Lodge #202
  • Ittawamba Lodge #235
  • Kawida Lodge #480
  • Nguttitehen Lodge #205 
  • Pellissippi Lodge #230 
  • Sequoyah Lodge #184
  • Talidandaganu' Lodge #293
  • Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge #111

Each year the elected Section Chiefs from around the country are invited to a national planning meeting in Dallas, TX. The Section Chiefs form the conference committee for national Order of the Arrow events, such as the National Jamboree and the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), which is held under the guidance of the national Order of the Arrow committee.


The Order of the Arrow, like the Boy Scouts of America, is organized into four geographical regions:  Central, Northeast, Southern, and Western.  Each region is led by a youth Region Chief, a volunteer Region Chairman, and a Region Staff Adviser.  The region leadership helps execute the national program on a more local level, implements the National Leadership Seminar and National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar, provides its member sections with resources, and facilities communication between local organizations and the national OA committee. The Pellissippi Lodge is part of the Southern Region. The Southern Region covers all of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Tennessee, and parts of Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.


At the national level, the Order of the Arrow is governed by the national Order of the Arrow committee.  The national committee sets policy, directs the national program of the Order, and broadly manages the organization above the local lodge level.  The committee is composed of the National Chief and National Vice Chief (and their immediate predecessors), who are elected annually at the national planning meeting; the chairman, who is appointed annually by the chairman of the national Outdoor Adventures committee; other volunteer members, appointed by the chairman; and two staff members, the director of the Order of the Arrow and the OA specialist.