Pellissippi Lodge #230 By-Laws


Article I: Name and Affiliation

The name of the Order of the Arrow Lodge, affiliated with the Great Smoky Mountain Council Boy Scouts of America, shall be Pellissippi Lodge 230. This Lodge shall be under the Council Camping Committee and the administrative authority of the Scout Executive.

Article II: Officers and Duties

The Lodge will be governed by the National Order of the Arrow policy, by the Lodge rules, and by the elected officers of the Lodge. These officers shall be the Lodge Chief, two Lodge Vice Chiefs, Lodge Secretary, and Lodge Treasurer. Duties of these officers are outlined in the separate “Lodge Officer Responsibility,” document. 

The Lodge shall have at least two Advisors, with one being a volunteer and one being a professional Scouter, both appointed by the Scout Executive, and any number of associate advisors as desired. All associate advisors to be appointed by the Lodge Advisors and approved by the Scout Executive.

Article III: Nominations of Lodge Officers

  1. The Lodge Officers shall be elected annually at the Fall Fellowship, unless the LEC votes otherwise with a majority. The terms of both the Lodge and Chapter officers shall be one year. The term shall begin on October 1st, and end on September 30th. Lodge officers may only serve two terms consecutively in the same office. A term is defined as more than six months- one-half of the Lodge year.
  2. Nominations for Lodge offices shall be made on official nomination sheets obtainable from the Lodge Secretary, which contains all of the specifications and rules required for officer eligibility. These specifications and rules are determined and amended by the LEC. All changes and amendments must be communicated to the general assembly within one week of the conclusion of the Spring ordeal.
  3. There will be no floor nominations accepted. Any Lodge officer position not filled will be appointed by the Lodge Chief who will be taking officer October 1.
  4. Each candidate must submit his completed nomination form to the Scout Office by 4:30PM on August 15 of the year of the election unless the aforementioned date falls on a weekend, in which case the deadline shall be the following Monday. Then, each candidate must have the approval and the verification of the Lodge Chief, Lodge Advisors and the Scout Executive before he may run for office.
  5. A candidate nominated for any office and not elected to that office may only drop down to run for another office if they applied for that office on their nomination sheet.
  6. The votes shall be counted by the Teller Committee. This committee shall consist of five adults and five youth members of the Lodge. These vote counters shall be selected by the Lodge Chief and his advisers. The Lodge Chief shall appoint two poll watchers to observe actual voting.
  7. No arrowman serving as a Section, Region, or National officer may hold a Lodge office without resigning from their other office prior to the beginning of their term. Resignation from the Lodge office must be received in the Council office no later than 30 days following the election of the aforementioned office. If the officer does not resign, his office will be declared vacant and the successor will be appointed by the Lodge Chief.
  8. No arrowman serving as a lodge officer may concurrently serve as a chapter officer.

Article IV: The Election of Lodge Officers

  1. After all Candidates are verified as qualified, balloting shall be taken for each office separately in the order following: Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chief of Administration, Lodge Vice Chief of Program, Lodge Secretary, and Lodge Treasurer. The Lodge Chief, or his designee, would preside over the limits of debate and voting.
  2. Each chapter will receive one ballot for each member present up the maximum amount of 10. These ballots can be cast for any candidate, and split among multiple candidates if desired.
  3. For electing the Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chief of Administration, Lodge Vice Chief of Program, Secretary and Treasurer with a run-off election, after votes are counted, the candidate receiving the least amount of votes will be removed from the ballot. This system of elimination will continue until such time as there is one remaining candidate.
  4. In the event of a 50%-50% tie, the presiding chief holds the tie-breaking vote; if the presiding chief is running for another position or re-election, the vote falls to the Vice-chief of Administration, and if they are running, the vote continues down the officer team. Should every officer run, each chapter with at least 1 member in attendance will receive 1 vote, and the entire officer team gets 1 vote.
  5. In the event of the resignation of the Lodge Chief, the Executive Committee shall meet and elect the successor within 30 days of receiving the formal resignation. During which time the Lodge Chief of Administration shall serve as the interim Lodge Chief until the special election may take place.

Article V: The Chapters

  1. The Pellissippi Lodge shall be divided into one Chapter for each Council district. These Chapters shall be under the direct authority of the Lodge and bound by the Lodge rules and the National policy.
  2. If the Chapter fails to function, the Lodge Chief may take any action, within national policy, to reactivate the Chapter. This includes, but is not limited to: appointing a chapter officer or officers as necessary should there be no acting officers in those positions. These appointments should be assisted by the advisement of the Lodge Advisors.
  3. The Lodge Chief is empowered to remove any Chapter officer who fails in his responsibility of the Chapter.
  4. Each Chapter shall be responsible for Unit Elections and call outs in their own Districts with the assistance of the Lodge Unit Elections Chairman. The Chapter shall also be responsible for summer camp promotion in their own District.

Article VI: Administration on a Chapter Level

  1. The Chapters will each have their own separate officers. These will be Chapter Chief, Chapter Vice Chief, and Chapter Secretary. Chapter officers shall be nominated and elected by the youth members of the Chapter. The duties of these officers are outlined in the “Chapter Officer Responsibility” document.
  2. Each Chapter will have a Chapter Adviser who is appointed by the Lodge Advisers, and approved by the Scout Executive.
  3. If more than one Chapter Vice Chief is desired and needed for the operation of the Chapter, the Chapter my elect as many as two Vice Chiefs. Approval of this election must come from the Lodge Chief with the Chapter having to supply good reasons for the extra officer. Any other variation in numbers of officers or officer positions must also be approved by the Lodge Chief.
  4. Chapters may produce T-shirts, but any other memorabilia must be approved by the Lodge Chief and Lodge Adviser.

Article VII: The Lodge Executive Committee and Executive Board

  1. The Lodge Executive Committee, with the Lodge Chief as its chairman, shall consist of the Lodge Officers and Advisers, chairman of the Lodge Chief appointed committees, Chapter Chiefs, their Advisers, and the past lodge chiefs. The following members shall constitute the Loge Executive Board; the current Lodge Officers, the current Chapter Chief’s of active chapters or their designees, and past Lodge Chiefs under the age of 21. The Lodge Executive Board will vote on all Lodge business. A quorum shall consist of 50% of all Lodge Executive Board members. Past Lodge Chief’s do not count in determining a quorum.  
  2. The Executive Committee shall handle all the business of the Lodge on the major decisions that will affect the entire Lodge. This committee shall meet at least three times per year.

Article VIII: Business of the Lodge

  1. The Pellissippi Lodge may have as many Ordeals as needed to induct the candidates from that year’s Unit Election process, while not having any less than two Ordeals.
  2. Dates of Executive Committee meetings shall be set by the Lodge Chief unless the Scout Executive or his representative feels that an emergency meeting is necessary. These emergency meetings must take place no sooner than seven days after the meeting notices are sent out.
  3. The Lodge shall have at least four main functions per year. These will include two Ordeals and a Spring and Fall Fellowship. The dates for these functions shall be set at least six months in advance and may only be canceled with the approval of the Lodge Chief.

Article IX: Lodge Committees

  1. The Lodge Chief shall appoint the Chairman of each operating committee with an adviser chosen by him and the Lodge adviser.
  2. The standing operating committees shall be: Unit Elections, Camping Promotions, The Silver Fox, Finance, AIA, Vigil Honor, Awards and Recognition, and Memorabilia.
  3. The Lodge Chief may appoint any additional committees that he feels necessary.
  4. All memorabilia and patch designs must be submitted to and approved by the Lodge Memorabilia Committee, the Lodge Chief will have final approval of any insignia design.
  5. The Awards and Recognitions Committee is made up of the Chairman, the lodge officers, and other members chosen by the Lodge Chief. The standard Lodge Awards will be voted on and decided by the Lodge Executive Committee. The Founder’s Award is voted on by the Awards and Recognitions Committee with nominations open to the entire lodge.
    The deadline for nominations and voting date for awards will be determined by the Awards and Recognitions Committee.

Article X: Membership in the Lodge

  1. Ordeal Membership
  2. The chapters will hold Unit Elections year-round, with each unit able to hold their election exactly one calendar year after their previous election. Ordeal candidates will be given the opportunity to attend any of the ordeals within one year of their election date. Extreme circumstances causing a candidate to miss all Ordeals within one year of their election will be brought before the Key Three and the lodge executive committee. With the approval of both the Key Three and the LEC, the date of their ordeal can be extended past the one year deadline.
  1. Brotherhood membership will be offered at both Fellowships. If need arises due to low numbers of Brotherhood members in the Lodge, the Lodge Chief shall have the power to decide other opportunities for Brotherhood to be given.
  2. Vigil Honor Membership
  1. The Vigil Honor will be given at either the Spring or Fall Fellowship, with the Lodge chief making the decision between one of the two.
  2. The Candidates for this honor will be chosen by the Vigil Committee. The Lodge Chief shall appoint the Chairman of this new committee and along with the Lodge Advisers, will select the committee members with one representative per chapter. These representatives should consist of no more than two adults, not including the Lodge Advisers who are also members of the committee with the rest being youths, including the Lodge Chief who is automatically a member. If a chapter is not represented the Lodge Chief or his designee may vote in his place on the committee.
    The deadline for nominations and voting date for Vigil will be determined by the Vigil Committee.
  3. Chapter representatives do not have to be Vigils, but only Vigils understand the honor which this committee will bestow.

Article XI: Lodge Finances

  1. The Lodge dues shall be decided yearly by the LEC. 
  2. The Lodge dues shall be collected through the Lodge Treasurer for deposit within the Council Scout Office.
  3. On October1 of each year, the Lodge shall mail a bill or statement to each member informing them that their dues have expired.
  4. The Lodge dues must be paid by January 1st or the unpaid member’s name shall be deemed inactive.
  5. Lodge dues cannot be paid for more than two years at one time.
  6. The Lodge shall pay the registration fee of the Lodge Chief for all National events.
  7. Debts incurred by the Chapters must be approved by the Key Three and the Lodge Executive Board beforehand.

Article XII: The Silver Fox

  1. The Silver Fox shall be the official publication of the Lodge.
  2. This publication shall be published whenever the Lodge Chief deems it necessary. The Chairman, or the editor, shall set the deadlines for members to submit articles.

Article XIII: Amendments to the Rules

  1. Amendments must be approved by the Executive Committee and then presented to the Lodge for acceptance. The Lodge must pass it with a 2/3-majority vote.
  2. The Lodge By-Laws may not be suspended without the approval of the Chief, the Executive Committee, and a 2/3 vote of the Lodge.


Passed: 2/01/1981

Amended: 2/01/1987,12/01/1991,4/01/1992,9/17/1995, 4/01/2005, 9/10/2005, 11/16/08, 3/21/09, 9/9/12, 5/19/13, 2/7/14, 3/25/15, 12/17/17, 8/6/18