Advisor’s Minute

Submitted by admin on Sat, 07/10/2021 - 10:07

Each week, during our Troop, Crew and Ship meetings, we recite the Scout Oath. This oath has been repeated millions of times by Scouts across the country. The third word in this weekly ritual is honor. Honor has several usages and meanings. In a courtroom, the judge is referred to as your honor.  Colleges and universities have honor codes.  And in the armed forces men and women serve with honor and when their time of service is finished they can be honorably discharged if their service has met or exceeded the standard.  A common definition of honor is to live up to or fulfill the terms of a commitment.

In scouting, we pledge “on my honor” to do three simple things, in word, but they require effort and focus and intentionally in deed. It’s not always easy to be scout like and it shouldn’t be. We are called to be better, to be an example, to lead. As members of the Pellissippi Lodge, Order of the Arrow, we are called to take it up a notch. We are supposed to lift the burden from others not be handed the burden. We are supposed to seek the irksome task and ask for the weighty responsibilities.  It’s not easy but there are few feelings better than serving others.  Next week during your troop, crew and ship meeting, think about the seriousness of your pledge on your honor to live scout like and do it cheerfully.


Jeff Moser
Pellissippi Lodge Advisor